Cleaning & Degreasing

Technology Meets chemistry

When it comes to the cleaning of engineered components it’s often considered that the physical washing machine is the only important part of the process. Cleaning additives and detergents are merely a supporting element.
For MecWash, one of the leading innovators and manufacturers of aqueous parts cleaning systems, the approach has to be about three crucial elements: the technology, the chemistry and the product that is being cleaned.

Five Fold Increase In cleaning Efficiency

The arrival of a front-loading, aqueous washing and rinsing system from Turbex at the Hampshire production facility of leading UK pump manufacturer Selwood has improved dramatically the efficiency with which machined castings are washed in preparation for assembly. Two rotating-drum machines, also aqueous and supplied by Turbex 20 years ago to supplant a trichloroethylene cleaning process, have been replaced by a new AC-1.7-2 twin-stage machine from the Alton supplier.

A complete solution

MecWash Systems was contacted by one of its longstanding customers, one of Europe’s largest independent engine remanufacturers and assemblers, who supplies some of the world’s leading automotive OEMs.

Medical Grade Cleaning

At a cost of more than £1 million, Assembly Techniques Ltd (ATL) - in Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, is opening a new, two-story facility featuring a Class ISO8 (US FED STD 209E 100,000) cleanroom for component washing and drying on the ground floor.
Adjacent to it is a class (IS07/10,000) area for processing critical clean sub-assemblies for future customers in the medical sector. On the upper level is a white room for assembling less critical kits that are currently supplied to manufacturers in the analytical, food, water and other industries.

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