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An Innovative Partnership to solve the skills gap

‘To address the engineer skills shortage and to keep up with manufacturing demand, UK manufacturers would need to recruit an additional 203,000 skilled engineers each year until 2024, according to a government study.’ Numerous studies are reporting that the engineering skills shortage is one of the main concerns facing British Manufacturing today and yet each year, there are thousands of engineering students that do not secure a career in engineering.

Nuclear Energy A world of opportunities to grow skills

Dale Edwards, Consultant Specialist, Nuclear Energy & Infrastructure at national law firm, Clarke Willmott is passionate about preparing our next generation of workers and leaders with the skills to achieve their goals along with upskilling those already in work. He shares his thoughts about how the civil nuclear energy sector is full of opportunities.

Future Prosperity

UK manufacturers have faced a challenging time lately with global economies demonstrating a slowdown and the sector facing an extended period of uncertainty following the UK’s decision to leave the EU. says Dave Atkinson, UK head of manufacturing at Lloyds Bank.

Workplace Noise!

Elevated noise in the industrial setting has been shown to have long term detrimental effects on workers’ health and wellbeing. Here, Anthony Barnett, Technical Marketing Manager at Armacell, looks at why the source of the problem is not always as obvious as you may think.

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