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Legislation changes to Formaldehyde

In the fast-paced world of health and safety regulation, it is important that your supply chain is compliant with the very latest directives. For industrial applications utilising metalworking fluids, the mandate is forever changing. Luckily for customers of ITW ROCOL, the Leeds based fluid management specialists are ahead of the curve in terms of legislation compliance. But did you know about the latest regulation on Formaldehyde use that arrived just a few weeks before Santa?

First line of defence against metal swarf

Eclipse Magnetics has provided a hack saw blade manufacturing facility in China with a magnetic filter Combatting Metal Swarf in Creep Feed Grinder

The creep feed grinder is used to manufacture the hand hacksaw blades from M2 steel. Eclipse Magnetics installed the AutoMag Skid on the grinding machine at the very first stage of the filtration process to capture and remove ferrous particles from the coolant, therefore keeping it cleaner. The reduction in contamination reduces the risk of wear, damage and failure in critical components.

Overcoming Difficult Legislative Issues And Improving Tool Life

Historically, the metalworking industry has relied on traditional formalin donor biocide technology to offer equipment the best possible sump life.  Formaldehyde is a chemical compound which occurs naturally in the environment as a by-product of metabolic processes in humans, animals and through the natural decay process of plant species.

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