Mitsubishi Electric used MACH 2018 as the platform to introduce its groundbreaking new CNC control unit on its established and industry leading MV Series of EDM machines.

The Mitsubishi EDM stand at MACH was furnished with the MV1200S and the MV2400R Series of EDM technology that introduced the latest advancements in Industry 4.0 and power supply technology.

The compact MV1200S machine offers cost-effective production in a small footprint whilst the larger MV2400R boasted Mitsubishi’s V350-V AEII Power Supply DMX-S (Digital Matrix Sensor) that shapes each spark to reduce electrode wear considerably and the World’s first Linear Shaft Drive System XYUV. This combination delivers smooth, highly controllable movements and unparalleled precision and productivity levels.  
Quality is in the DNA of the Mitsubishi brand and the MV-R and MV-S Series at MACH both demonstrated the pre-installed Crash Protection System, Intelligent Auto Wire Threading, the latest Power Master Control for process stability and a host of additional innovative features. Central to both machines on the stand was the revolutionary new CNC control system. Globally launched at EMO 2017 and receiving its UK exhibition premiere at MACH, the new control system incorporates Industry 4.0 features in abundance.
 Advanced technology and a new user interface can be a daunting prospect for any machine operator; Mitsubishi Electric has overcome this by offering both the new and established interface in a single control. With the flick of a switch, the new CNC interface can revert to either type, offering existing and experienced users the familiar interface whilst providing all the benefits of the new technology.


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