Production Engineering, Tooling & Machinery

The best black finish from the world leader

Room temperature blacking of iron, steel and stainless steel.

Blackfast’s room temperature blacking process is both safe, easy and convenient to use. The process has been developed for safe and reliable use in metal working facilities, so it is no longer necessary for parts to leave the production site for finishing by an outside contractor.

Space and Capacity

A new 4,000 sq m plant has been built on a 25,000 sq m site in the German town of Hettenleidelheim by Blum GmbH, a company that specialises in sheet metal working and switch cabinet manufacture.

Precise gripping proven a million times

High quantities, extreme quality requirements and keen competition are shaping the production of injection-moulded parts for the automotive industry. For ensuring this balancing act successfully, Denk Kunststofftechnik relies on consistent automation with powerful handling components.

Service & Solutions Win The Race

In 2007, Tridan Engineering Ltd made a strategic decision to target prestigious aerospace contracts and steer away from commercial, agricultural and power generation subcontract machining.

In the last five years, the Clacton-on-Sea Company has invested heavily in infrastructure, accreditations and machine tools, which has certainly paid dividends in achieving its goals.

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