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Tenable Turns to MultiSwiss

Almost 78 years after Tenable Screw was founded by a Swiss watchmaker as a manufacturer of screws, the company has become one of the UK’s largest subcontract manufacturers of turned parts. Remaining deeply loyal to its roots, Tenable has unparalleled expertise in turned component production, something that is evident by the company’s relentless growth.

It’s all about the surface

Superfinishing is growing; contract manufacturing orders are in demand.

Whether to reduce friction losses or improve hygiene – the surface quality of components is in the spotlight more than ever. As a result, superfinishing technologies have grown in significance. Nagel Maschinen- und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH in Nürtingen has responded to this trend by increasing capacities for process development and contract manufacturing in the area of superfinishing.

Cost Effective Plasma Cutting

Westermans International Ltd. has built a leading global reputation for the sourcing and supply of refurbished welding equipment that meets both performance and budgetary objectives.  

The approach has opened up opportunities for customers in a wide range of industries and geographical locations to benefit from proven and technically advanced equipment without the need for capital outlay on new installations, but still with the benefit of extensive experience and a broad service capability.

Quality Grinding

Based in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, R&D Leverage provides expert technical solutions to the European plastic packaging industry.

The busy company serves a wide range of demanding industries including the food and beverage, medical, cosmetics, household and personal care markets.

The work of R&D Leverage UK, together with that of R&D Leverage USA, has enabled the business to develop into one of the foremost providers of quality tooling for the world’s packaging industries. R&D Leverage’s UK plant produces one stage, injection stretch blow mould (ISBM) tooling for PET containers.

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