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Complexity and Variation

Martin-Baker has been the world leader in the design and manufacture of ejection and crashworthy seats for over 70 years. During that time, its seats have saved over 7,500 lives and the company has been honoured to receive 11 Queen’s Awards.

Risks and Rewards

When you are contemplating how to complete a challenging, tedious, dirty (or even dangerous) job there is usually a heightened sense of satisfaction when you actually get it completed. That sense of accomplishment on completing the job will occur the first time you do it and perhaps even after the first few times.

Britain Prepares for Industry 4.0: The Optimist’s View on the Future of Work

Released at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2018, the ‘Readiness for the Future of Production’ report highlights Britain as one of 25 countries in a positive position to benefit from Industry 4.0. However, much of the media coverage following the release of the report has centred on the threat these technologies pose to jobs. Here, Martyn Williams, Managing Director of automation software provider, COPA-DATA UK, explains why automation could create more jobs than it replaces.

What Is Made Smarter? Making Smarter Investments in Automation

Highlighted in the Government’s Made Smarter Review, industrial digitalisation technologies (IDTs) are transforming the manufacturing industry — that’s artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing, intelligent software, virtual reality and cutting-edge robotics. Here, Nigel Smith, managing director at TM Robotics, explains why manufacturers in Britain shouldn’t blindly invest in IDTs and instead, should use Made Smarter to make smarter automation investments.

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