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As former education secretary Lord Kenneth Baker stated earlier this year, “Engaging girls in engineering is a national challenge.” With less than 10 per cent of the UK engineering workforce female (compared to 14-30 per cent in our European counterparts), and almost half of maintained co-ed schools sending no girls to take A-Level Physics  -  the statistics can make pretty grim reading.

But there is a shift. Companies are realising that attracting and retaining a more diverse workforce will maximise innovation, creativity and competitiveness. Women engineers are getting involved in exciting and far reaching projects stretching from the Cross Rail project (Linda Miller), the London Eye (Jane Wernick) and running oil rigs (Melissa Clare) to heading up organisations such as the Fab Labs network (Sherry Lassiter) and the Royal Academy of Engineers (Prof Dame Ann Dowling). 


Industrial Director explores and celebrates industries women, following National Women in Engineering Day.

In the second decade of the 21st century we must challenge the notion that there are ‘boys’ jobs’ and ‘girls’ jobs.’ We should all be working to ensure that girls and boys consider the widest range of career options and pick the one that is right for them.

Mist Filters For All Machine Tools

Designed for heavy-duty and effective mist control, the UK based company Mist Control  has come up with a complete range of components to be used in the machine tools.

The company focuses on products that reduce mist and the cycle times and improve the ROI of the machine tool companies. The oil mist collector creates a safe and pleasant workshop environment for client companies to quickly remove the mist and continue with the machining task.

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