As a world leader in developing CAM solutions for machining extremely complex and innovative designs, OPEN MIND Technologies has once again demonstrated its astounding level of innovation with the design of a ladies favorite fashion accessory, a shoe.

OPEN MIND Technologies has impressed the manufacturing world with its design and manufacture of complex demonstration pieces, which have gained millions of hits on YouTube and also gathered scores of social media followers. Now, the German CAM developer has taken it to the next level. 

From its US subsidiary, OPEN MIND Technologies worked in conjunction with Hermle Machine Tools to develop the next generation demo piece that would truly impress the manufacturing industry. The Hermle US team of Matthias Bayer, Gunther Schnitzer, and Manuel Merkt programmed the shoe with support from OPEN MIND’s Christian Neuner. The ladies show was created using unique functions within OPEN MIND’s hyperCAD-S design package and this was then manufactured on the Hermle 5-axis machining centre with the hyperMILL CAM suite.

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