(VERICUT Users Exchange), held at the prestigious facilities at Williams F1, Oxfordshire.

CGTech used the event to provide customers with a feature review of the latest release of VERICUT, V7.4, the world’s most advanced independent CNC machine tool simulation and optimisation software, and a taste of the physics-based optimisation FORCE module.


John Reed, CGTech Managing Director, welcomed everyone to VUE 2015, with an overview of the changing market faced by the manufacturing industry sectors that are supported by VERICUT across the globe, such as aerospace, automotive and motorsports, medical, power generation, oil and gas, as well as consumer products. He explained: “We partner with the world’s leading machine tool manufacturers and distributors, CAD, CAM and PLM software developers, cutting tool and tool management companies, which is why VERICUT is firmly established as the world’s leading independent CNC simulation and verification software. As such, we all face the same challenges from the manufacturing industry: increase efficiencies and remove waste.”

The company’s tech team provided a feature review for VERICUT 7.4, highlighting the first thing a user will notice is a Welcome Screen that automatically displays when first launching a VERICUT session. The Welcome Screen provides access to commonly used first actions for a VERICUT session. The VERICUT user interface continues to get more customisable.

Guest speaker for the day was Dr Robert Pleming, CEO of the ‘Vulcan to the sky’ project that, in 2007, after nearly two years of intense engineering activity achieved a test flight of the restored Avro Vulcan XH558, some 14 years after its last flight. Sadly, the ‘Cold War’ bird is now retired having made a final farewell flight across much of the UK on Wednesday, 28 October 2015.

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