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Prototype Perfection

Special Projects, Inc., manufactures one-of-a-kind prototypes using automation tools in WorkNC

The production of prototypes may look a lot like magic, but smart manufacturing is the only “trick” in the book that can conjure a quality concept from art to part. Just ask the team at Special Projects, Inc., a global product-development leader that has been creating products for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, marine, and military industries for the past 33 years.

Automating The World

Dystopian literature often refers to robots one day taking over the world. Ray Kurzweil predicted over a decade ago, in The Singularity is Near, that robots would reach this stage of intelligence by the year 2030.

SolidCAM UK Opens New Technology Centre

SolidCAM UK Ltd  opened a new Technology Centre based in Little Horwood, Milton Keynes on 1st November 2016, in-line with their ever-growing consumer demand and to stay ahead in what it describes as a competitive and fast-moving market.

The Technology Centre, will provide additional dedicated support and training to its customers by providing wider geographical options for venues, and also will provide a more practical classroom experience. It will be the perfect place to demonstrate the power of SolidCAM software and show-case and test their latest technologies and to prove them in-house.

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