Software & CADCAM

Power to Tomorrow’s Engineers

Specialist CAD/CAM and logistics software from Radan is helping the largest sheet metal subcontractor in the South West of England to compete effectively with manufacturers in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

MAXXimising Performance

Manufacturer of medium to high volume CNC machined components, CNF Precision Engineering has recently purchased two seats of hyperMILL CAM software from OPEN MIND Technologies to support its two new Matsuura 5-axis machining centres.

Prototype Perfection

Special Projects, Inc., manufactures one-of-a-kind prototypes using automation tools in WorkNC

The production of prototypes may look a lot like magic, but smart manufacturing is the only “trick” in the book that can conjure a quality concept from art to part. Just ask the team at Special Projects, Inc., a global product-development leader that has been creating products for the automotive, aerospace, industrial, marine, and military industries for the past 33 years.

Automating The World

Dystopian literature often refers to robots one day taking over the world. Ray Kurzweil predicted over a decade ago, in The Singularity is Near, that robots would reach this stage of intelligence by the year 2030.

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