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Spirax Sarco calibration steams ahead with IndySoft

Spirax Sarco calibration steams ahead with IndySoft

Cheltenham based Spirax Sarco is a global leader in the design and manufacture of steam technologies, offering a comprehensive range of steam solutions to a variety of industries and processes. This well-known company can trace it routes back to 1888 when Sanders Rehders & Co. ('Sarco') began importing thermostatic steam traps from Germany into the UK.

AEG Leverages GlobalSign SaaS Certificate Authority to Strengthen Security Through Certificate Based Two Factor Authentication and Advanced SSL.

GlobalSign Auto Enrollment Gateway

GlobalSign (, the enterprise SaaS Certificate Authority (CA), recently announced availability of the GlobalSign Auto Enrollment Gateway (AEG). AEG integrates with Windows Active Directory, allowing enterprises to automate the enrollment, provisioning and management of GlobalSign digital certificates for Windows environments.

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