Test, Measurement, Quality & Control

Productivity Improvements

To be a world leader in a specified sector when you have a history that dates back to 1911, is something that is rarely found.

However, Padley & Venables has found its niche as the leading UK manufacturer of construction tools that are sold worldwide.

‘Coordinating’ Quality

The quality, reliability and longevity of manufactured products is continuously improving, in addition to enhanced design techniques and developments in material science, this progress is largely due to  the use of advanced quality control methods and equipment and the application of tighter dimensional tolerances.

Koenigsegg Hits Top Speed With Creaform

The Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg Automotive AB is a brand defined by painstaking precision and hand-crafting that results in an end product that most of us can only ever dream of owning.

The entire business is built around enhancing vehicle performance and streamlining productivity, something that has undoubtedly been achieved considering the cars have a 0-100mph time that is shorter than most of us can pronounce Koenigsegg!

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