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Moore & Wright Add to Their Hand Tool Range

Moore & Wright is pleased to announce the release of 3 new hand tools all featuring a True Absolute Measuring System and Digimatic Output.

The new Moore & Wright Digital Caliper, Digital Snap Micrometer and Digital Indicator all boast an RS232 Digimatic SPC Data Output which is compatible with a range of other manufacturers equipment and can send measured sizes to all Microsoft Office programmes

Innovative Measuring Systems For Precision Instruments

Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH has turned to production metrology from Blum-Novotest for temperature compensation as well as other measuring tasks.

The company turned to Blum because the smallest workpieces produced are less than one millimetre wide and extremely precise. A microscope mounted on the vice – nothing is a more appropriate symbol of the manufacturing method at Stoffel GmbH which specialises

Renishaw launched a Linear diagonal measurement kit at EMO 2015.

Laser diagonal tests can be used to measure diagonal positioning and reversal errors in accordance with B5.54 and ISO 230-6 standards.

The ISO 230-6 standard states that diagonal displacement tests allow the estimation of the volumetric performance of a machine tool. The new kit is quick and easy to set-up, is easy to align and allows fast data analysis to international standards.

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