KASTO has introduced a new tower to provide a compact, standardised solution for automated storage and retrieval of pallets and flat material. Advantages of the system, called KASTOecostore, are its low space requirement, high storage density, short material access times and value for money.


The store accommodates material up to 1,500 mm deep by either three or four metres wide. Both types are available with a load capacity per station of either 1.2 or three tonnes. System height can be specified by the customer from 3.1 metres to 8.0 metres. The same applies to the level at which loading and unloading takes place, as users can select different heights up to 950 mm.
Besides being suitable for storing sheet metal in a wide range of sizes, KASTOecostore can also hold euro-pallets and stillages. This makes it ideal for applications involving different materials in small businesses, workshops and maintenance shops. It can also be used as a buffer store between production areas in factories, close to machinery if necessary.

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