T cards launch free mobile app

Managing a workload is an essential requirement for any business or department and many companies will be familiar with the manual T Card Board developed by T CARDS DIRECT over 60 years ago.
The visual, tangible nature of the T Card display is ideal for managing workflows such as health & safety tasks. In fact, this low-cost, efficient system is often a vital cog in the running of a successful business or department.

Floyd Expands Technical Sales Team

Floyd Automatic Tooling has expanded its sales team with the recent appointment of Daniel Pepper.
Daniel has joined the Baldock based specialists to strengthen the sales and technical engineering expertise that Floyd provides its customer base.

New WorkNC Ends Tool Shape Limitation

The latest release of WorkNC allows users to break free from previous constraints caused by tool shapes, slashing cycle times by up to 74 per cent. WorkNC 2019 R1 adds the Z-Level pattern to the Advanced Toolform technology, allowing for tool shapes like barrels, ovals, and parabolic to be calculated over the part surfaces, including negative allowances.

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