Control system manufacturer, Heidenhain, has introduced a new, PC-based, interactive training package that covers the basics, operation and programming of the company’s lathe controls.

Developed to improve both technical knowledge and operational skills, Heidenhain Interactive Training (HIT) offers a step-by-step format

to promote ease of understanding and use.

Called HIT Turning, the new module is designed to teach lathe operators of any skill level, from new to experienced, how to extract maximum benefit from the CNC system, which is fitted to a wide range of different makes of turning machine manufactured around the world. The applicability of the material is therefore global, which is why it has been published in seven languages including English.

Practical and accessible training in DIN ISO programing is provided, together with interactive examples, tasks and exercises. The material combines clear explanations of lathe programming principles, on-screen animations of lathe functionality, a detailed training workbook and example exercises. Users can take regular tests to check what has been learnt.

The software is available with a license for either a single station or a network and is accessible online at as is the workbook. A free demonstration version of the software can be downloaded, as well as selected chapters from the workbook for evaluation.

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