The two new five-axis vertical machining centres (VMCs) being shown publicly in the UK for the first time by T W Ward CNC Machinery (Ward CNC) set new standards in high-quality yet cost-effective multi-axis machining routines – for companies of all sizes in all industry sectors.


Indeed, these cost-competitive machines also reinforce how Ward CNC’s applications engineering expertise has now also successfully expanded into the domain of five-axis production of parts of every size – a skill set built on its years of success with, for example, Soraluce milling centres.

Part of an eight-machine display at MACH - a small sample of machines from the extensive ranges that Ward CNC represents exclusively in the UK and Ireland for AXILE, Hankook, Hartford, Hyundai-Wia, Pinacho, Soraluce, Takisawa Japan and Takisawa Taiwan – the ground breaking five-axis duo are the AXILE G8 and the Hyundai-Wia XF-2000.

The recently-introduced AXILE G8 overhead gantry-type VMC provides Ward CNC customers with a machine that has a proven track record in industry sectors including aerospace, where it is efficiently and effectively machining turbine blades, for example, but at a price for specification few will be able to match.

Indeed, the first UK user of an AXILE machine – a renowned supplier of aerospace and medical parts - reports immediate benefits from the machine, while Ward CNC’s productivity forecasts for both the G6 and G8 models include a significantly enhanced return on investment compared to alternative brands.

With 800 mm diameter table for workpieces weighing 1,300 kgs and X, Y and Z axes capacities of 670 mm by 820 mm by 600 mm, the G8 machine has a positioning capability of 0.008 mm and a repeatability of 0.004 mm. Feed rate in X, Y and Z is 60 m/min.

Two HSK A63 motor spindles options are available - 39 kW, 15,000 revs/min, 187 Nm and 35 kW, 20,000 revs/min, 130 Nm. The spindle has 20-bar through-spindle coolant as standard, with options of 70-bar and higher. Twin automatic tool exchange carousels with 32/64, 48/96 or 60/120 tools are available.

Also on Ward CNC’s MACH stand will be the award winning Hyundai-Wia XF-2000 five-axis vertical machining centre - the machine was awarded the major accolade of ‘Best New Milling Machine’ at EMO from MaschinenMarkt magazine.

The XF Series will initially be available in two versions:

  • The 40,000 revs/min XF-2000 with 300 mm by 300 mm by 200 mm in X, Y and Z axes, rapid traverse rate of 50 m/min and 200 mm diameter table able to accommodate 15 kg loads; and
  • The 15,000-40,000 revs/min XF-6300 with X, Y and Z axes of 650 mm by 600 mm by 500, a rapid traverse rate of 60 m/min and a 630 mm diameter table able to accommodate  loads of 600 kg.

Ward CNC’s MACH stand will also display: two Hartford open-fronted vertical machining centres – the Pro-1000 and the heavy cutting HCMC-1682; and four other Hyundai-Wia machines – LM1800TTSY turning centre, L2000LSY multi-tasking slant bed CNC lathe, the LV-450 compact VTL with C axis and driven tools and the iCut 400TD open-fronted, twin-pallet/dual table vertical machining/tapping centre.


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