YMT MACH exhibition staff will be demonstrating the advanced abilities of a Hedelius 5 Axis Machine, two YCM Machining Centres, one a 3-axis, the other a full 5-axis machine, a Goodway CNC Turning Centre and an Erowa Automation System.


These machine tools will be fitted with a range of YMT accessories to help illustrate the impressive advantages they provide.

Amongst several YMT products making MACH debuts is the Detron 5th Axis GFA210-S CNC Rotary table. Part of the large Detron range, the robust, accurate device features a super pneumatic clamp, a worktable diameter of 210mm and a centre Bore Diameter 65H7. Also new at MACH, the company’s 5th Axis RockLock zero point fixtures. The robust, extremely secure manual system has a quick change action and provides high levels of accuracy.

Another advanced YMT production aid making a bow at MACH is the Alfa-Set 33 Swift, bench-top tool presetting machine. The accurate, cost-effective model has an X axis of 250mm a 380mm Z axis. YMT’s Alfa-Set range of presetting machines allow accurate tooling offset data to be supplied to CNC machines, enabling programs to be run at optimal levels and components to be produced within tolerance.


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