MACH 2018 will provide Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal with the platform to introduce two new grades to its highly successful AC8000P series of Absotech Platinum chemical vapour deposition (CVD) coated turning grades for steel.


The new grades AC8015P and AC8035P provide users with higher stability through improved wear resistance, reduced crater damage, improved surface smoothness and lower stress cutting due to the recently introduced patented coating process.

The AC8000P series was initially launched with AC8025P for more general turning and light interrupted cuts, however, following the successful introduction, the series has now been expanded to include AC8015P for more continuous cutting cycles and AC8035P for heavy duty and interrupted cut operations.  The series can be used over a wide range of steels from soft, low carbon types through to high carbon and high alloy steels. There is also an extensive range of chipbreaker styles to suit specific applications.

Sumitomo‚Äôs Absotech Platinum Technology, a boride-based CVD titanium compound provides an outer, highly protective coating layer to create the ideal balance between wear resistance and toughness with the substrate material.  This has the benefit of reducing any residual stress that could cause chipping, fracture and notch wear on the five-stage multi-layer structure of the turning insert.

The new grade AC8015P has been developed for higher speed, continuous cutting operations giving up to twice the resistance to crater wear due to chip adhesion than conventional grade inserts and AC8035P has up to double the fracture resistance to withstand heavy interrupted cutting cycles than conventional grade inserts.  Meanwhile, the existing general application and light interrupted AC8025P insert is well-proven in providing double the levels of coating adhesion, chipping and breakage resistance over more conventional grades of insert.

There is a range of 10 chipbreaker styles available to suit a wide variety of applications providing good chip control, continuous/light interrupted cutting and light to heavy interrupted cutting.


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