To illustrate the advanced capabilities of the comprehensive GROB range of machine tools, company staff will be demonstrating the latest evolution of the renowned GROB G-Series, the G350 Generation 2, at MACH 2018 – stand H20-640.


The advanced GROB 5-axis Universal Machining Centre provides users with almost limitless possibilities for the milling of parts made from the most diverse and challenging of materials.

The GROB G-Series Generation 2 represents a unique concept as the machine’s horizontal spindle position allows the longest possible Z-travel path and optimum chip fall due to the possibility of overhead machining. Also, the unique arrangement of three linear axes minimizes the distance between the linear guides and the machining point (TCP), significantly increasing the stability of the machine.

Even when using extremely long tools, a “tunnel” arrangement enables the machine to swivel and to machine the largest possible components within the work area without collision. With a swivel range of 230° in the A’-axis and 360° (Infinite) in the B’-axis, the highly efficient GROB machine offers the greatest possible positioning flexibility. Last but not least, the inclusion of three linear and two rotary axes, allow 5-sided machining in addition to 5-axis simultaneous interpolation.

The GROB G-Series universal machine range delivers outstanding performance, exceptional levels of productivity, optimum availability and ease of maintenance access. Whether used in the demanding aerospace, mechanical engineering, tool and mould, automotive, medical or energy technology industries, GROB’s renowned 5-axis universal machining centres cover an all-embracing range of applications.


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