GF Machining Solutions showroom facility in Coventry hosted the GTMA’s ‘Meet the Toolmaker’ event. Held during February 2017, in partnership with BPF (British Plastics Federation), the popular event once again provided a conduit between some of the UK’s most pro-active tool making specialists and visitors searching for tooling solutions and moulded component suppliers.


GTMA chief executive, Julia Moore, states: “We have developed the Meet the Toolmaker event to be an informal, but very professional environment in which the exhibiting toolmakers and industrial sponsoring partners can interact with visiting manufacturing companies. And, the feedback for this year’s event has been extremely positive.

“The event falls neatly within our Reshoring UK initiative, which is a unique collaboration of leading industrial engineering and technology associations working together to assist manufacturers connect with trusted, accredited suppliers capable of delivering products and services that match their varied requirements. As a focused, connected network, Reshoring UK supports the various skill sets that cover the whole supply chain. It can engage from concept to product and process design, through process engineering, tooling and methods to finishing and inspection. We know there are significant projects being returned to the UK from overseas and the event provided the opportunity for positive progress to be made in this direction.”

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