A new and much enlarged edition of Mitutoyo UK’s Metrology Handbook is now on sale. Even though extensive revisions and additions have increased the page count by 50% the original cover price has been held, surely making this the best value book of its kind on the market and one of the most informative and accessible references available on dimensional metrology for all levels of reader.


This book is intended as reference material for those attending dimensional metrology training courses, especially the internationally recognized City & Guilds training award from the Mitutoyo Institute of Metrology. The content is based on having taught tens of thousands of engineers from a variety of industries, an experience which highlighted the need for a wide-ranging source of information to provide answers to the many questions raised during Mitutoyo metrology seminars. It should also be useful to anyone who needs an overview of dimensional metrology in terms of its history, accepted practices and an appreciation of the wide choice of measuring equipment available today.

Mitutoyo’s Metrology Handbook is available via Amazon or direct via the Sales Office, call 01264 353123.

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