Starrag UK has enhanced the number of machines it has in-situ on the Advanced Manufacturing Park with a seven-axis Bumotec s191 linear CNC turn-mill centre being installed at the AMRC with Boeing Centre.


This Swiss-built machine has linear drives and high-level thermal stabilisation that achieves machining accuracies of 2.5 microns in the six-sided single set-up machining of even the most complex workpieces within the X, Y and Z axes capacity range of 400 mm, 200 mm and 410 mm, respectively.
According to Dr David Curtis, Technical Fellow at the AMRC with Boeing Centre: “The Bumotec s191 gives us opportunities to develop revolutionary new machining processes in any material and for any sector. We are now looking for projects where we can take small, complex components and develop optimised, cost-saving solutions that add value to UK industry.”

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